Clinical Studies

Below is an extensive list of clinical studies carried out to find out the effectiveness of soft laser therapy for the treatment of Tinnitus.
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The effectiveness of soft laser therapy for tinnitus and sensory hearing loss

“Tinnitus is a frequent and often a very disturbing phantom perception of sound which cannot be attributed to an external source. Recently, low level laser irradiation is becoming alternative therapeutic procedures for treatment cochlear dysfunction such as chronic tinnitus and sensorineural hearing loss…”
View the original study – Mohammad Al-Masri

Softlaser Tinnitool

“The Soft Laser TinniTool is used to treat tinnitus in 96% of cases. 56% do not know the cause of this complaint. The main causes of the complaint were named as illness, stress and work, as well as serving in the armed forces.”
View the original study – Gabriela Deterville

Comprehensive Laser Rehabilitation Therapy of Tinnitus: Long-Term Double Blind Study in a Group of 200 Patients in 3 Years

“Definition of tinnitus records that it is an auditory perception for which there is no objective sonic source from the outer environment. Our original study, published in Laser Partner Clinixperience No. 4/2000, has been regarded as a classical tinnitus work…”
View the original study – M. Prochazka

Low level laser therapy in patients with complaints of tinnitus : a clinical study

“The objective of the study was to investigate the effectiveness of low level laser therapy (LLLT) in treating patients who were suffering from long term complaints of tinnitus with well understood etiology and who where not responding to conventional therapy in Qatar.”
View the original study – Ahmed H Salahaldin

Low level laser therapy: Tinnitus subjective characteristics and measurements

“Low-level-laser-therapy (LLLT) targeting the inner ear has been recently discussed as a therapeutic procedure for cochlear dysfunction such as chronic cochlear tinnitus of sensorineural hearing loss.”
View the original study – M.Savastano

The combined counselling and low level laser stimulation are effective in the treatment of disturbing chronic tinnitus

“Tinnitus is the perception of a “phantom” sound which does not actually exist (Jastreboff, 1990). It is an often disabling symptom of different disorders affecting the auditory system and it can be associated with a wide range of pathological conditions. Tinnitus must be distinguished from real auditory hallucination which is a symptom of psychiatric or neurological disorders.”
View the original study – Domenico Cuda

Low-level laser therapy for tinnitus

“Tinnitus can be described as the perception of sound in the absence of external acoustic stimulation. For the patient it may be trivial or it may be a debilitating condition (Luxon 1993)…”
View the original study – Peng Z

Transmeatal cochlear laser (TCL) treatment of cochlear dysfunction: A feasibility study for chronic tinnitus

“The therapeutic effectiveness of low-level-laser-therapy (LLLT) or low-intensity laser irradiation for different medical applications has been documented, but is still controversial…”
View the original study – Gabriela Deterville

Neural correlates of transmeatal cochlear laser (TCL) stimulation in healthy human subjects

“Transmeatal cochlear laser (TCL) treatment has recently been proposed as a therapeutic procedure for cochlear dysfunction such as chronic cochlear tinnitus or sensorineural hearing loss. The aim of this study was to investigate whether TLC has any influence on the central nervous system using functional MRI with healthy young adults…”
View the original study – Christian M. Siedentopf

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