Frequently Asked Questions

How successful is ear laser therapy with TinniTool?

Over 10,000 sufferers have already used TinniTool to treat their tinnitus and related disorders.  Based on surveys conducted the average user experiences a 50% improvement in their symptoms.  This does vary from person to person however, depending on the length of treatment, the severity of symptoms and the cause.

In those who have had chronic tinnitus for several years the reported improvement may be less, at around 30%.  However younger sufferers can experience up to 100% reduction in symptoms.  In the case of normal tinnitus the sufferer can see up to 60% improvement.

How long does the effect of therapy last?

Initially for best results TinniTool Ear Laser therapy should be used for 15-20 minutes per day, for 10 weeks to 3 months.  Over this period significant reduction in symptoms should be experienced.

The long-term effect does vary from person to person however, and this initial treatment may not be a full cure, meaning that tinnitus will never reappear.

Instead, as soon as symptoms begin to reoccur, the patient should immediately start up the daily therapy again until symptoms are back under control.  Improvement can usually be seen again within just a few days.

Are there any negative side effects of using TinniTool?

TinniTool is a certified medical device proving that it is a safe and effective treatment for you tinnitus.  There are no contraindications with other medications or treatments that you may be taken.

TinniTool is completely safe and pain free.  It does not cause any pain in the ear.

Some users may find that they initially have more trouble falling to sleep, after using TinniTool in the evening.  This is a good sign, due to the healing process and means the body is responding.  However if you are sensitive in this way you may find it better to use TinniTool in the morning.

Must treatment always be carried out at the same time of day?

It’s recommended to use TinniTool at the same time each day, so that you get into a routine and you are repeating the therapy each and every day.  However, there is no problem with flexing the treatment time by 2-3 hours to fit into what is happening in your day.

Can the treatment time be longer than indicated?

It is impossible to overdose or have too much therapy time with the TinniTool Ear Laser so this is not something that you need to worry about.  There is only a limited amount of energy from the laser that your body can absorb however, so increasing treatment time will not speed up or increase the effects.

15-20 minutes treatment time per ear is the recommended amount for the day.  You can treat the ear up to twice per day, and if you choose to do this you should spread the therapy out, having one 15-20 minute session in the morning and another session in the evening.

Do both ears have to be treated?

You only need to treat the affected area – so if just one ear is affected by tinnitus then you only need to use the therapy on one ear.  If both ears are affected you should repeat the therapy on the second ear.

How long does the product last?

The TinniTool Ear Laser system comes with a 2 year warranty so you can have peace of mind knowing that the product will continue to help you with your home therapy.

It does contain batteries, which on average last around 30 hours.  So at 20 minutes per day they would last you 3 months.  However, this may vary.

What is VAT exemption?

This product is a VAT exempt product  provided you have suffered with the condition for at least 3 months.

VAT Declaration: By selecting the VAT exempt price I declare that I am receiving a product from this website for my own personal use. I claim that the supply of this unit is eligible for relief from VAT under group 12, schedule 2 of the value added tax act 1994.

How long will my TinniTool device take to arrive?

Once purchased your TinniTool device will be shipped out to you for free via Royal Mail and will be delivered to you in 3-5 working days.

TinniTool can also be shipped outside the UK, and in this case please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

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