Clinically Proven Tinnitus Treatment

At one clinic, 40 patients underwent tinnitus treatment taking part in a double-blind study.  Of the patients using TinniTool Ear Laser 88% experienced improvement in their tinnitus and 63% showed a significant improvement.

Another study looked at patients who had been suffering from tinnitus for over 10 years.  Out of 120 patients, 35.5% reported improvements of at least 50%, whilst 25.8% reported that they were completely free from tinnitus after therapy.

A 3rd study found that people using TinniTool over a longer period were more likely to experience the best results.  10% of patients in this study, using the device for 4-6 months recorded a 75% reduction in their tinnitus.

More than 2 out of 3 patients said they would recommend TinniTool to family and friends.

Medical Opinion

Low level laser therapy for tinnitus is often recommended by ENT specialists.  TinniTool has been tested over a long period in clinics and hospitals to measure its effectiveness.

TinniTool is a Certified Medical Device

Previously low level laser therapy could only be carried out in specialist clinics.  However with the invention of TinniTool it is now something you can benefit from in your own home.

TinniTool has been given a certification as a Class 2a medical device meaning you can be confident in both its safety and effectiveness.

TinniTool is an Effective Tinnitus Treatment

Users of TinniTool are significantly more likely to experience improvements on the THI (Tinnitus Handicap Inventory scale) than those not treated with laser therapy.

It isn’t a complete cure, but it has been seen to effectively reduce symptoms of tinnitus and improve quality of life.


• reduces disturbance from tinnitus noise

• reduces hearing loss

• reduces dizziness

• may reduce ear pain

And is a safe and effective treatment, easy to use at home.

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