We have many customers who have been pleased with the results from using TinniTool, and regularly get emails telling us so.

Take a look at some of our TinniTool customer reviews:

Reduced Tinnitus Noise

Using TinniTool every day for 20 minutes can lead to a significant reduction in disturbance from tinnitus noise.  On average users have reported around 50% improvement in their tinnitus – imagine that – 50% better hearing, 50% easier to concentrate and 50% more peace of mind.

“Since the age of 16, I had tinnitus and actually already resigned myself to the constant noise in my ear until I tried “Tinnitool”.  My tinnitus has gotten better since. The beeping is less, so I really hardly hear it.  For me, the treatment with “Tinnitool” was a huge success.”

Cristobal Galvez Moreno, from the band “Room2012”

“For 10 years I am faced with the problem of tinnitus. I’ve found after two weeks of treatment, that an improvement is done, if not a cure.”

R. Cuérel from S.

“I want to confirm that my tinnitus under which I have been suffering for 25 years, has vastly improved since the use of your laser device. It is not nearly as loud and intense as before.”

Eugen from Nobel L.

Reduced Ear Pain

Some users have also found that using TinniTool leads to a reduction in their ear pain – some feeling immediate improvement whilst using the ear laser and others finding relief when used regularly.

“With regard TinniTool I’ve personally had a lot of relief.  Every so often I go through this episode where I get extreme ear pain, with the use of TinniTool I get immediate pain relief.”

Kate S. from the United Kingdom

Improved Sleep

Tinnitus can often make it difficult for sufferers to relax, switch off and fall asleep.  The quiet of the bedroom and lack of activity intensifies the tinnitus noise that is heard.  Over time, with use of TinniTool, and as your tinnitus improves you will find it much easier to fall asleep.

“Since 2 years I have had tinnitus.  It consisted of three alternating tones which drove me almost to despair. In February, I borrowed the TinniTool EarLaser from a friend and a miracle happened, the tinnitus has been reduced to a buzzer.  Meanwhile, I myself have bought one and use it every day, because when I inserted the device in the ear, the sound disappears after about 5 minutes, until barely audible … and I can sleep wonderfully.”

R. Gründer from Basel

Recommended by Doctors

A number of clinical studies that have been done with TinniTool, with users in the trials reporting marked improvements.  As well as this, we’ve also received testimonials from doctors who have personally used TinniTool and would recommend it to their patients.

“Various sports accidents have led to the disturbing noises in the ear.  For approximately fourteen days, every night I have exposed myself to the laser for 20 minutes, and may thereby observe a marked relief. Laser therapy has convinced me – my experience is very positive and I can only recommend sufferers to start.”

Dr. JL Camenisch

“I thought it important to try the device and used it over a period of 3 months.  I found that my tinnitus disappeared completely over time”

Dr. Gerhard Guther

We’d love to hear your success story and how TinniTool has helped to change your life.

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