Why is it Best

The proven Tinnitool Ear Laser harnesses the exact same soft laser therapy used in ENT hospitals and clinics. Tinnitool accelerates the regeneration of damaged cells in the auditory system, reducing tinnitus and symptoms associated with it.

The Tinnitool Ear Laser treatment has undergone successful long-term testing in hospitals and clinics. A clinical evaluation at a tinnitus clinic on 40 patients in a double-blind study showed improvement in 88% and marked improvement in 63%. Professor Hahn’s team at the Medical Faculty of the University of Prague carried out combined laser therapy on 120 patients who had been suffering from tinnitus for more than ten years. 19.4% experienced less than 50% relief from their tinnitus, 35.5% noted perceptible relief greater than 50% and 25.8% were totally free of tinnitus after therapy


Types of Tinnitus Treatment & Costs

In most cases tinnitus treatment focuses on helping reduce your symptoms and helping you manage it day to day as there is no cure for tinnitus.  The only time this is not the case is if it is caused by an underlying health condition such as wax build up or hearing loss that can be treated and may result in your tinnitus stopping.

Many people begin with cheap and easy remedies and solutions that they can trial for themselves.  Some examples include having a radio or TV on to reduce focus on tinnitus noise or using a sound generator.  Other people find relaxation techniques, support groups and cognitive behaviour therapy useful.

But often tinnitus sufferers don’t get relief from these, and are left searching for something to help.  Often these treatments can only be carried out in clinics or private hospitals and can cost thousands of pounds.

However there is now a clinically proven tinnitus treatment that you can use at home – the TinniTool Ear Laser which uses low level laser therapy to regenerate damaged cells in just 15-20 minutes per day.

Effective At-Home Ear Laser Therapy

TinniTool is an effective and easy to use treatment for tinnitus and a range of other hearing related disorders including Morbus Menieres, middle ear inflammation, hearing loss and distortion due to tinnitus, circulatory problems and vertigo.

Users have found treatment has reduced their symptoms and significantly improved their quality of life.


• reduces tinnitus noise disturbance
• reduces hearing loss
• and reduces dizziness

And may also reduce ear pain.

Clinically Proven Results

TinniTool has been used by over 10,000 sufferers to treat their tinnitus symptoms. Best results have been found when using the device for just 15-20 minutes each day over a 3 month period, followed by ongoing use as required to maintain progress.

As well as testimonials from users this revolutionary device has also been evaluated by a number of clinical studies. Participants saw improvements in their symptoms from long-term use and more than 2 in 3 would recommend TinniTool to their friends or family.

Reduce Symptoms, Improve Quality of Life

Tinnitus sufferers report that it can significantly affect their lifestyle. By treating your tinnitus with TinniTool you could reduce negative experiences and improve your enjoyment of life:

• Improved ability to sleep
• Increased ability to focus
• Easier to hear and join in conversations
• Less sensitivity in noisy environments
• Reduced feelings of isolation, anxiety and depression

Trust in TinniTool

How do you know that TinniTool is the right treatment for you?

As well as being easy to use at home, clinically tested and used by tens of thousands of other sufferers, TinniTool also:

• Is a certified medical device proving its safety and effectiveness
• Comes with a 90 day money back guarantee plus a 2 year warranty
• Is available uniquely from Tower Health on a 10 week trial program

Discover the benefits of TinniTool Ear Laser treatment at home for yourself!

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